PVA Prosthetics Focuses on You

Watch Richard’s story on how PVA Prosthetics has changed his life.


Here at PVA Prosthetics, we know the multidisciplinary approach is, as a rule, far superior to the status quo and that the benefits to the patient are irrefutable. It is difficult to find anyone in the healthcare industry unfamiliar with the “multidisciplinary team approach to healthcare” mantra, and for good reason; it works and has fundamentally changed how healthcare is delivered. Nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals meet together to discuss individual patients to establish the most effective plan of care to achieve the best possible outcome. Most people, particularly patients, would agree that they prefer to have every available resource used in their behalf when they are ill.

We strive to return our patients to normal activities as soon as possible, so they can get back to living their lives in happiness.


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