PVA Prosthetics

Peripheral Vascular Associates (PVA) performs the majority of amputations in San Antonio. This was true long before PVA Prosthetics was formed and will continue to be true for some time due to the high incidence of diabetes within our community. Having cared for San Antonio residents since 1975, our patients often consider our surgeons and staff as extended family members and the same holds true for us as we care for them. When our patients are ill, it affects us deeply and we apply the maximum extent of our resources every time, for every patient. This is a natural course of action for us, because each and every patient is of the utmost importance to us.


In the past, despite the efforts of our talented group of surgeons, patients were often faced with limb loss. PVA surgeons founded an amputee clinic to ensure patients received appropriate prosthetic care because, unfortunately, the coordination of care between the various prosthetic companies in the area was fragmented at best. PVA found that many of their patients who returned with prosthetic devices were experiencing issues with chronic wounds from ill-fitting devices, or inadequate follow-up care. Some patients had received no device at all. In many cases, patients who had issues with their devices had never visited a prosthetic facility and the device was fabricated and delivered to the home without the practitioner ever seeing them ambulate with it.


In response to this, PVA felt that this issue could best be resolved by providing prosthetics as an in-office ancillary service. In this way, patients can be given a choice to continue their care with Licensed Prosthetists at PVA who work directly with the amputating surgeon, at the very same location.We make every attempt to lessen the time it takes to return patients to normal activities, thus minimizing the interruption to their lives.